Nicki Minaj Releases Trailer for Six-Part Documentary

Nicki Minaj is searching for a home for a six-part documentary that tells her life story and rise to the top of the rap game.

The Queen rapper took to Instagram on Thursday to tease a trailer for her “very intimate” docu-series that follows her time as an aspiring rap superstar to actually becoming one.

“Coming out SOONER THANK YOU THINK,” Nicki shared in the caption. “I took some time to perfect this very intimate, delicate, electrifying, inspiring body of work.”

“As I decide on a home for this project, I can’t help but reflect on what I’m including in this doc,” she continued. “Some things are so personal, it’s scary. It’s like NOTHING you’ve seen before & I need it to be handled with care. Love you so much. Thank you for the continued support.”

In the trailer, highlights show Nicki’s rise from a hungry lyricist in Southside Jamaica Queens to performing in front of thousands of screaming fans in sold-out arenas.

“You don’t get a manual on how to be a famous rapper,” Nicki says in the trailer. “You just learn it as you go.”

Clips show the chart-topping rapper expressing her passion for hip hop and how disappointed she’s been by the entertainment industry. How she used to self medicate to cope with pressure to gain acceptance in a field where you can’t please everyone.

Fans also get glimpses of her affectionate moments with her husband Kenneth Petty in moments that reflect how Nicki learned to love and accept herself.

“I never wanted to be mainstream,” she says in the trailer, as her 2018 track “Chun-Li” plays in the background. “Mainstream came to me.”

The final scenes of the trailer play out while her 2011 Billboard Hot 100 hit “Moment 4 Life,” plays in the background. A clip shows Nicki throwing a heart sign at her fans from the stage as they sing her song word for word.

Nicki shared the trailer on Twitter telling her Barbz they “didn’t know you needed” the upcoming docu-series.