Nicki Minaj Taunts Alleged Swatter: ‘Was It Worth It?’

Nicki Minaj has revealed the name of the alleged swatter who called the police to her house late last month and warned of a warrant that’s out for her arrest.

The “Anaconda” rapper took to Twitter on Wednesday, August 23, to call out the “dumbo” who allegedly made a 911 call to her home claiming a shooting took place.

“To the woman who made those swatting calls to my home…#WasItWorthItDumbo?” she asked.

When a fan asked the rapper for the name of the alleged swatter, Nicki declined and called out the blogs who “couldn’t wait to post all those made up stories they got paid to post.”

But the “Super Freaky Girl” rapper seemingly had a change of heart and sent a follow-up tweet revealing the alleged culprit.

“Stephanie Bell. A warrant is in the system. Great detective work. So grateful,” she tweeted.

“The DA filed one count for the swatting call and one for the false report to DCFS. To God be the glory.”

When word of the warrant hit the press the following day, Nicki shared the news to her dedicated fans.

Law enforcement sources confirmed there is a warrant out for Bell’s arrest and she’s facing two charges of deliberately reporting a false emergency, TMZ reports. The first of two repeated swatting calls took place in June when cops were called to the rapper’s home over claims her child was being abused and her house was on fire.

Upon arrival, cops spoke with Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty, at the scene. After examining their son, who showed no signs of abuse, law enforcement officials determined it was just a “swatting” prank. A few hours later, another 911 call was made claiming Nicki’s house had been set ablaze.

Last month, cops returned to Minaj’s home after calls were made claiming someone had been shot in her San Fernando Valley residence. Nicki joined a long list of celebrities who were victims of swatting including Miley Cyrus, Ashton Kutcher, and Rihanna.

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