Nike Partners With Tiffany & Co. to Release New ‘Air Force 1 Low’ Sneakers, Consumers Are Titling Their Heads at the Result

Nike Partners With Tiffany & Co. to Release New ‘Air Force 1 Low’ Sneakers, Consumers Are Titling Their Heads at the Result

Unofficial leaked images have sneakerheads in a frenzy right now.

Famed jeweler Tiffany & Co. entered its first collaboration with Nike, and the companies advertised the upcoming release of the new shoe; sneaker lovers were heavily opinionated about the result of the product.

According to Insider, both companies teased the collaboration on their social media channels over the weekend, revealing the specially designed shoe box for the sneaker, which the companies have named the Nike Air Force 1 Low Tiffany & Co. “1837.”

The leaked images feature the all-black sneaker covered with nubuck leather and tied together with black laces. The shoe also appears accented with the Nike swoosh, and the inside sole is colored in the signature Tiffany blue. The back label is presented in black embroidery while a silver bar sits underneath with the words “Tiffany&Co.” engraved on it.

Since the advertisement tease and leaked images, the companies have received pushback regarding the sneaker’s appearance.

“So let me get this straight. Tiffany Co. (a company that’s known for working with different precious metals to make jewelry) decides to put a LEATHER shoe buckle on their $400 black AF1 ???” one Twitter user wrote about the shoe accent, adding that it’s another Nike shoe that makes no sense.

“I would expect a more luxurious product from Tiffany & Co. I wouldn’t find motivation for this colab at $400, let alone $600,” another commented. “I appreciate exclusive or truly limited but just branding Tiffany & Co on what looks like a suede pair of AF1s definitely doesn’t award such a price.”

Other social media users questioned the effort behind crafting the shoe, describing it as a “lazy misstep.”

“Sadly since society has proved that they’ll buy any trash that is released, Nike will put out collabs with hype companies and sign off on them, especially a pair like this, because it takes little to no extra effort to make and charge $400 without batting an eye,” another tweet read.

“Who in Nike are accepting designs like this?” another questioned.

Sole Retriever reported that the collaboration has an expected spring release date of Mar. 7.

Other accessories by Tiffany & Co. will be available to purchase with the sneakers.