Kelly Oubre Jr., crash, Lamborghini

Police State Surveillance Video Doesn’t Show Hit-and-Run Incident Involving 76ers Kelly Oubre Jr.

“The Police Department currently does not have any video or photographic evidence that depicts this collision.”

Philadelphia 76ers player Kelly Oubre Jr. is currently not playing after allegedly being involved in a hit-and-run accident on Nov. 11 near his home. Yet, police officials say there doesn’t appear to be video surveillance footage of the incident, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Oubre told police officers that the accident occurred at an intersection in Center City, the popular Philadelphia neighborhood.

“The Police Department currently does not have any video or photographic evidence that depicts this collision,” Sgt. Eric Gripp, a department spokesperson, said Wednesday. “We continue to work in hopes of gathering evidence, and we encourage anyone who has information to reach out to our crash investigation unit.”

Gripp said the police isn’t saying that Oubre is lying but there is a possibility that based on what has been viewed, he could have given incorrect information. Footage was provided by two employees of businesses near where he claimed the accident took place. Investigators have confirmed that the crash supposedly happened on a well-trafficked downtown street.

Oubre, who just joined the team and is new to the area, was shaken up when giving the information to police officers. A source told the Inquirer that Oubre was only certain about walking back to his home after the incident.

“Listen, I don’t think it’s very fair to him to say that he’s made up some story,” 76ers head coach Nick Nurse said. “He’s one of our players, and we’re going to stand behind him. So am I. If some more evidence or anything else comes to light, we’ll handle it when it comes to light.”

On Wednesday, Oubre was at the practice facility doing a light workout. There is no word on when he is expected to return.

Ourbe has played for five teams, including the Washington Wizards, since entering the NBA in 2015.