Black Blogger Month 2013: Nominate Your Favorite Blogs Now

Black Blogger Month 2013: Nominate Your Favorite Blogs Now

For the past two years, has designated the month of May as the time of year to highlight some of the best and most impactful voices in the digital space as part of our annual Black Blogger Month package. Pulling together bloggers from fashion and finance to relationships and entertainment to technology and music, the #BlackBloggerMonth series not only highlights digital entrepreneurs but also provides inspirations for those looking to follow in their footsteps.

When the package launched last year–with notable blogs like Necole Bitchie, A Belle in Brooklyn, The Fashion Bomb and Black & Married With Kids among the inaugural list of 20–there was an outpouring of requests from bloggers looking to be a part of the best voices of 2011. The same happened again this year.

With June right around the corner, Black Blogger Month 2012 is quickly coming to a end but we’re ready to get a jump on the year ahead. If you feel your blog is a contender for being honored as part of Black Blogger Month 2013 or you’re a fan of a blog that should be on our editor’s radar for next year, we want to hear from you. All you have to do is submit your pick for consideration.

But not just any blog gets the distinction of being dubbed one of the Black blogosphere’s 20 best. In addition to having high traffic, an engaged audience across social media platforms, and solid content in your respective niche, you have to be a blogger with his/her own domain and not part of a bigger company with dozens of writers. A Black Blogger nominee is someone who has carved out his/her own lane in the digital space for their business and brand, and has a proven track record of success online. If you feel you or someone you know fits the bill then click here for the official Black Blogger Month 2013 nomination ballot.

In the meantime, don’t forget to enjoy the accomplishments of the 2012 Black Blogger Month honorees and hold tight for next year’s digital thought leaders.