NYPD, 'Windshield Boots'

NYPD Debuts ‘Windshield Boots’ For Parking Scofflaws

The "Barnacle Device" is a 17-pound tool that sticks to the windshield like a commercial-grade suction.

New York City’s Police Department has revealed a new weapon called “windshield boots,” also known as the “Barnacle Device,” to force scofflaws to settle the debt on their parking tickets that have gone into judgment.

The NYPD debuted the new enforcement instruments on April 4. The windshield boots are a 17-pound device that sticks to the windshield like a commercial-grade suction and cannot be removed until the owner/scofflaw pays the fine associated with the vehicle. It attaches to the windshield glass with 1,000 pounds of force.

Unlike previous devices placed on car tires, this one is purposefully placed on the driver’s side of the windshield to prevent the driver from seeing, thus preventing them from attempting to drive with the device.

“The use of the Barnacle device is part of a pilot program,” an NYPD spokeswoman said. “The NYPD has leased four devices, and we will use them to target illegally parked trucks and vehicles with excess fines.”

These devices are used in several cities, including Greeley, Colorado, and Charleston, South Carolina. According to Barnacle Parking, the company that makes the devices, some parking companies and universities also utilize the “windshield boots.” The yellow panels are made of polycarbonate and can only be removed after a code is given to them once a scofflaw pays the fine.

Anyone who attempts to drive the car with the device attached will be met with a “blaring alarm.” The device is also GPS-enabled. Drivers will have to pay a $200 deposit for the device, which will be refunded after they return it to a drop box.