President Obama Pushes for Greater Innovation in the Classroom
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President Obama Pushes for Greater Innovation in the Classroom

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Recognizing the importance that technology has on today’s generation and future generations to come, President Obama will host a “ConnectED to the Future” event on Wednesday, November 19th at the White House to encourage digital learning in the classroom.

Bringing together superintendents and educators from across the country, Obama is using the event to build momentum around his ConnectED Initiative, which he started in 2013. The goal of the initiative is to connect 99 percent of students to high speed internet and to empower teachers to use more technology to transform teaching and learning.

To further ensure that the promises of this initiative are met, the administration launched the Future Ready Pledge this fall to help schools across the nation develop a culture where teachers embrace technology and use it to personalize their teaching skills while also fostering student creativity. Under this pledge, educational leaders will commit to transitioning to innovative teaching methods through the help of technology. During Wednesday’s event, superintendents across the country will virtually come together as Obama will hold a digital signing ceremony for them to make their pledge.

Since the start of the ConnectED Initiative, more than $4 billion of public and private funding has been committed to improve high-speed Internet in classrooms and school libraries across the country.