Motivational Monday: Be Your Own Golden Superstar

Motivational Monday: Be Your Own Golden Superstar

Take a page from Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas' book of success. (Image: File)

This year, the United Stated scored more medals (104) in the Olympics than any other nation. And while Americans take great pride in our nation’s ability to clean up at this premiere international sports competition, most of us have no idea the level of devotion, sacrifice and focus it takes to even be an Olympic contender, much less a medalist. Over the last few weeks, many of us have fantasized about charting, or achieving international fame by miraculously becoming world-class athletes. It’s a nice daydream…. while we are sitting on the couch. But in reality being great at what we do— or love—does not have to be a fodder for woolgathering. It simply requires a little devotion.

Successful people, much like superstar athletes, have one thing above the Average Joe: They’ve ditched vicarious victories. They don’t look at others and create pipe dreams about what if, or get stuck pining over losses. They get up and go get what they want. They dream. They commit. They create.

Much like the Olympian, who spends years of training with coaches trying out the latest approaches to hone their body and craft, and spends years perfecting minute details that will make them better and stronger, the successful professional is honing, improving and sacrificing. They don’t do it just because they love their area of expertise. They commit because they want to be great.

This week ask yourself: What am I willing to do to be great? If you want more out of life you must do and be better. Individuals who are giants in their respective fields aren’t wasting time complaining. They are fixing. They are re-tooling. They are actualizing. Most important, much like athletes, they only possess one super power: focus. And, unlike most things in life, that doesn’t cost a dime.

Here are three things to consider if you’re ready to be an Olympian in your own life:

  1. Great Coaching. Take the time to connect with people who can offer sincere practical guidance. In addition, don’t skimp on investing in classes that will hone your skills.
  2. Discipline. Just showing up gives you an opportunity, but being prepared ensures you can maximize it. Make sure you are consistent in keeping up all things that are required to take you to the next level, ex. grooming, competitive skills set and networking.
  3. Friends with Benefits. Being at the wrong place with the wrong person is just as damning as personally committing an offense (guilt by association). Socialize with individuals who are positive, ambitious and supportive.