Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Has No Problem Disclosing Financial Records, Or The $1200 Floral Arrangement Oprah Gifted Her

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Has No Problem Disclosing Financial Records, Or The $1200 Floral Arrangement Oprah Gifted Her

A gesture from a media mogul to a U.S. Justice is screaming sisterhood to the utmost.

Oprah Winfrey gifted Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson, a floral arrangement worth $1,200, according to the Associated Press. The information came to light when Jackson’s financial records were made public. On June 7, 2023 the Supreme Court released the Justices’ Latest Financial Disclosure Reports for 2022.

Jackson is a respectable figure and representation of Black women. Winfrey wrote in Oprah Daily in April 2022, “The condescension and disrespect she had to endure to get here—and the grace she displayed in response—only made me respect her more.”

Jackson has claimed her place in a sisterhood of courageous, praiseworthy Black women. Winfrey continued, “Her conduct showed us strength and confidence and calm—all qualities that will serve her well as she takes her place alongside Shirley Chisholm, Barbara Jordan, Carol Moseley Braun, the Rices—Condoleezza and Susan—Michelle Obama, Loretta Lynch, Kamala Harris, and the many, many not as famous but just as courageous and capable Black women who were, in their own fields and in their own times, the first.”

Jackson’s financial records also showed that she received $6,580 in clothing from a magazine photoshoot. She appeared in Vogue in September 2022 after being sworn in. The first Black woman on the Supreme Court wore a chocolate brown Aliétte coat in one photograph for Vogue. In another picture, Jackson wore a black Oscar de la Renta dress that stopped just above her ankles and a navy blue coat of the same length from the luxury brand. Although, the report did not detail the exact clothing items that were gifted to Jackson, according to The Washington Examiner.

The gifts keep on coming from the media mogul. Sheryl Lee Ralph’s son Etienne Maurice posted on TikTok that Oprah sent the Abbott Elementary co-star a bouquet of pink and white flowers. Maurice captioned the video, “Literally the biggest bouquet i’ve ever seen in my life. We had to carry it through the back!” That same month, Sherri Shepherd shared on her talk show that Oprah also sent her a large floral arrangement. The actress said, “I’m going to do everything from right here next to my flowers from Oprah.”

Oprah said that giving was in her nature in a post on Oprah.com.