Don’t Skip Chilly Weather Workouts, Outdoor Exercise Advocates Say

Don’t Skip Chilly Weather Workouts, Outdoor Exercise Advocates Say

The following was written by Crystal Adell:

Have you ever wondered how someone could actually get motivated enough, regardless of the time of year, to exercise in inclement, fairly chilly or really snowy weather?  You ever wonder why that person is not you?

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You’re Dressed for Success!

Perpetual movements are natural when you feel chilly which forces you to do proper stretching exercises as a warm up that you may not have done otherwise. However, knowing ahead of time how to properly layer yourself in moisture-wicking fabrics helps you enjoy a good run, a crisp and brisk walk or even a slow jog along the cool park trails.

You’re Burning More Calories!

While your body is working overtime at regulating its core temperature of 98.6°F among the chilly and tempestuous elements, you’re actually burning a few more calories during your workout. However, it is different for everyone since the body’s ability to burn calories, otherwise known as the metabolic rate, varies with each person’s body mass.

You’re Controlling Your Breathing!

Ultimaxx Health CEO Dr. Leonard Lomax, MD says it’s important to adjust your breathing expectations right away and assess your risk as you acclimate, rather than push for your typical, temperate-weather performance. “Many African Americans typically have wide or flared nasal passages which allow for a large flow of air into the lungs. This serves us well in very hot climates, but not so much when it’s very cold. Breathing in large amounts of very cold air can be detrimental to the lung tissue and can cause exercise induced asthma attacks. It’s highly advisable to cover the nose and mouth when training in cold temperatures; this will protect the airway and aid in warming the air that you’re breathing.”

You’re Drinking Water!

The thirst for water feels intensified because your body continues to sweat. The sweat evaporates just like steam from a tea kettle when it heats up making it seem as though the body is losing water, which in fact it is via perspiration. Don’t wait to hydrate! Make sure you nip that craving for water in the bud beforehand so that you can achieve your peak performance without the dizziness and tiredness that comes along with the feeling of dehydration.

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