OutMatch Acquires Video Interviewing Software, Wepow

OutMatch Acquires Video Interviewing Software, Wepow

OutMatch, the leader in predictive talent and culture analytics, recently acquired Wepow, a provider of video interviewing software and platforms that improve hiring outcomes. The reason behind the acquisition? Wepow’s technology further intensifies OutMatch’s platform of predictive talent solutions to identify and engage high-potential talent to drive business performance and profitability. This positions OutMatch as the clear market leader in talent solutions.

“With the added layer of video interviewing, we have the ability to humanize the hiring process in a way that’s never been done through a convergence of unparalleled data, AI and machine learning, IO science, and a more personal touch that matters to people seeking ideal jobs,” said Greg Moran, CEO of OutMatch.

According to client testimonials, Wepow technology makes interviewing productive, cost-effective, and more personal. These added capabilities to OutMatch will strengthen companies’ ability to predict culture fit, employee performance, and career growth while keeping top candidates engaged and moving forward in the selection process.

“The acquisition recognizes the importance of speed, engagement, and personal connection in today’s tight labor market,” Moran said. “Combining video interviewing with predictive analytics gives companies a competitive advantage, starting with early recruitment and ultimately helping them maximize the performance of their workforce.”

Wepow is one of several acquisitions that OutMatch has made in recent years. Their overarching goal is to continue to create the rare ability to help companies hire and develop the right employees for the right positions. For them, this looks like a talent acquisition platform with proven pre-hire assessments and data-driven insights that impact post-hire talent issues such as performance, learning, succession, and leadership development.

Wepow was founded in 2011, by Imo Udom and Jaime Romero. It’s live and pre-recorded interview experiences have been used by brands including Adidas, Fox, Virgin Atlantic, and Walmart. Clients love it because the technology brings speed and scalability to the interview process, connecting candidates and companies regardless of location. As a result, companies regain time, reduce costs, and recruit effectively.

Co-Founder, Imo Udom (Image: Wepow)


“Wepow and OutMatch are a perfect match,” said Imo Udom, co-founder and CEO of Wepow. “I appreciate the hard work and commitment of the Wepow team in helping our customers create engaging candidate experiences and make the right hires. As we continue to serve those clients and attract new ones, we are thrilled to become part of the OutMatch family, who shares our belief that every hire impacts business success.”

Wepow is currently based in Cupertino, California and will maintain it’s offices there. Additionally, it will continue to serve existing clients and work to attract new ones, while OutMatch and Wepow also pursue strategic opportunities to integrate the solutions each provides to customers.