Pandemic-Proof: How To Grow Your Business and Create Brand Exposure Through COVID

A celebrated brand manager, Ari Squires does not play any games when it comes to helping hungry entrepreneurs reach and surpass their profit goals. The “SheEO” of Profit Attraction Academy and Release the Chains Training Centers & Retreats, Squires provides custom business expansion strategies for personal brands and mid-size organizations using problem-solving high-income product creation, as well as offline profit strategies, working with TV stars, film producers, and celebrity CEOs.

Squires’s out-of-the-box and brand equity building techniques will help you build your business like a thriving business. This includes developing your profit team, increasing your revenues, gaining more free time, developing new or better products and services, and creating the extraordinary life you’ve always wanted.

BLACK ENTERPRISE: How did you begin your entrepreneurial journey?

I started my entrepreneurial career owning and operating a dance and performing arts school. My school served approximately 2,500 students helping them build creative art and self-confidence skills. While managing 12 employees, overseeing my budget and income statements, and mastering a full offline brand strategy, people began to notice my uniqueness in my marketplace.

My brand management agency helps our students and clients build up their brand equity and take their gifts OFFLINE to attain five- and six-figure contracts, while still maintaining an attractive online brand.

If you hang around me long enough you might start to improve yourself.

You will start to ‘release the chains’ and ‘trust the process.”

You will become a more powerful leader, feel stronger, become a force in your marketplace.

You will break free from chains, including the toughest chains to break—the ones we have placed on ourselves.

You will fly by my motto— ‘All I See Is Possibility’ because that’s just how we roll here, and I am always appreciative of hungry entrepreneurs allowing me to be a part of your journey to brand-mastery.

My ‘Silent Money’ offline business development techniques will help you build your business, increase your revenues, gain more free time, develop new or better products and services, and create the extraordinary life you always wanted.

What made you want to become an entrepreneur?

I made the bold decision to become an entrepreneur because I wanted to reclaim my freedom. Entrepreneurship gives me the freedom to live a life I feel I deserve. I’m able to live with less stress and pressure because I control my time. This allows me to serve my clients in a way that works best for both of us and devote time to myself so that I can show up in abundance. Once I got a taste of not having to ask permission to take time off, beg to be noticed on a job, or shine in my genius…I knew there was never a going back for me.

What would you tell your 21-year-old self?

I would tell my 21-year-old self to focus on your personal growth. Because when you focus on you, you organically attract people, places, and opportunities that are meant just for you. Nothing can show up for you if you’re not showing up for yourself. People wonder why what they are receiving feels so ‘off’. It’s because when you show up inauthentic, then you attract the same things; lack, hate, low-level personalities, and even traumatic experiences. You can’t master anything until you learn the skills to master yourself. I’d tell her to throw away all she may have been taught as a child and begin to relearn herself and master her gifts so that she can share them in overflow with the world.

What do you want to say to the woman who doesn’t feel like she’s good enough to make it in the marketplace?

Define Influence.

Since strategic planning is my expertise, I would ask her to write down all her accomplishments then review them. During this review, I would have her list all the action steps she has done to reach her goal(s). Her actions are her ‘equity’. She’ll see how determined, persistent, talented, unique, and smart she is, then I’d advise her to utilize those same strengths to mentally block and attack her inner critic so that she can use that equity for the plans she has for her business. Having equity within your brand is the same as having value. It’s not that she doesn’t know her worth, she just forgot about her value, which is what will set her apart in her marketplace and attract the big bucks.

I feel that influence is a great smokescreen aka motivator, yet it won’t make you all that successful behind the screen.

I say, Influencer = Broke.  Brand Equity = Power, Control and High-Income

I feel that we get enough motivation. Entrepreneurs need strategic steps on growing their brand equity to build a high-income brand so that they control the perception their audience has of them in their marketplace. You won’t have to remind yourself that you’re good enough because your audience will do that for you, and your bank account will prove it.

What do you want people to know about you?

I want people to know that although I’ve garnered seven figures in my businesses, I know what it’s like to face challenges and want to give up. I’ve had those tireless moments, yet because I believe in myself and my clients, I’ll do whatever it takes to reach and surpass business and personal goals. I also want people to know that I don’t play when it comes to helping entrepreneurs build brand strategy and equity through my silent money programs. I take the approach of figuring out your talents then working backwards. I’m not one to tell you what to do. I work with you and your ideas to create a brand people call on, specifically using my proven nine-step offline business building approach.

Why do you say that “one’s client is not online”?

My clients are people who don’t want to spend a ton of money on Facebook ads, waste precious time engaging people in Facebook groups or hiring teams to do it for them, and going through the agonizing process of developing online  “freebie” and “funnels.” Ugh! It isn’t for everybody! Everybody’s client is not online when you’re looking to secure high-income contracts or partnerships. Through my experiences, high-dollar clients are offline in meetings, on a prestigious board of directors, or part of an elite membership club. When you strategize your marketing by taking it offline, you secure bigger deals and build a business based on relationships, versus the endless and often wasteful marketing we see entrepreneurs doing online, because they’ve been told to “market online.”

You must have an online brand, yes, but with the right plan, you don’t have to be an online marketer. The checks are bigger offline, too. My clients score one contract that puts them in front of 100 people, versus the excruciating process of selling 100 people one product. It just makes more sense from a brand strategy approach. It’s all about working less, and making more.

How can people stay connected with you outside of this interview?

Please visit and @arisquiresspeaks on all social media platforms.




Dr. Jessica Mosley is a serial entrepreneur who loves teaching fellow CEO women how to show up in their truth & power. As Steward Owner of MizCEO Entrepreneurial Media Brand, Sovereign Care Home Care, Sovereign Care Medical Training Center, and Deborah’s Place for Battered Women, Jessica is busy making moves that impact her community & those connected to her.