How Periscope Increased This Salon Owner’s Clientele and Product Sales

In the last year, live streaming video apps like Snapchat and Periscope have exploded in popularity. In 2015, Snapchat reported that it had more than 100 million daily users, while Periscope reported in that it had about 2 million daily users during the same year. For salon owner Darrius Peace, Periscope put his business on the fast-track to success.

In May 2005, Peace opened his flagship luxury hair and makeup studio, Hayah Beauty, in downtown Birmingham, Alabama, with six staff members. The salon’s goal was to provide the ultimate intimate and inviting beauty experience for clients who wear their hair in its natural state. The salon initially broadcasted its daily activity to about 50 Periscope users. Peace continued this broadcast and within three months, widened his Periscope audience to 1 million viewers around the world. caught up with Peace about how he used the app to grow his business.

BE: Why is it important to use this platform? 

Peace: Periscope is a really big deal. It’s evolving in a way that it may become bigger than conventional TV programming. Having the opportunity to provide people updates about what’s going on with my business live on their mobile devices is so next level.

BE: How did Periscope change your salon environment?

Peace: Many clients have expressed how enlightening the information that I share on the social media platform is for them. Even while sitting under the hair dryer, they tune into the Scope so that they don’t miss the styles or dialogue. Periscope has expanded our salon walls, giving people all around the world a glimpse into the Hayah Beauty experience.

BE: How do you retain your viewership?

Peace: By just being myself. The positive reciprocity that exists between the viewers and I is absolutely amazing. Some refer to me as their “morning cup of coffee.” Some of them take breaks at work just to watch my Scopes. It’s hilarious when people write that they are tuning in through their earpieces while in church. Some salon owners have mentioned that they are changing the way they do business, because of what they see us doing at Hayah Beauty.

BE: How has sharing the Hayah Beauty experience improved your business?

Peace: Because of our consistent Periscope activity, people have turned their virtual experience with Hayah Beauty into real-life appointments in our styling chairs. People fly into Birmingham just to have a real-life Hayah Beauty experience. We also ship products all over the world, and our customers have raved about the results of our Hayah Luxury Hair Care Solutions product line.

To learn more about Darius and his salon Hayah beauty,  you can visit his website  at, follow him on periscope @MyHairAintNappy, and Facebook – Hayah Beauty.