Woman Who Initiated Petraeus Probe Hires ‘Scandal’ Muse

Woman Who Initiated Petraeus Probe Hires ‘Scandal’ Muse

Jill Kelley, the Tampa, Florida woman close to former CIA Director General David Petraeus who reported harassing emails – which came from Gen. Petraeus’ mistress and biographer Paula Broadwell – has hired public relations woman and crisis manager, Judy Smith of Smith and Company, to help her deal with the media circus.

Judy Smith, a former Special Assistant and Deputy Press Secretary to George H. W. Bush, inspired the ABC drama ‘Scandal’ which stars Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, the head of a D.C. crisis management firm with ties to the White House and high-profile clients caught in scandal. Smith currently serves as co-executive producer and technical advisor for the show, which is essentially, about her.

Smith and Company has helped clients like Monica Lewinsky, Wesley Snipes, the Chandra Levy family, Michael Vick and many others, not to mention, the former U.S. President George H. W. Bush.

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