Artist Creates Unique Portrait To Honor Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Historic Accomplishment

Artist Creates Unique Portrait To Honor Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Historic Accomplishment

Philadelphia artist Natalie Hope McDonald has become well known for creating many unique illustrations of places and famous people.

What makes McDonald’s artwork so unique for many is she never creates her illustrations with a computer, only by hand.

The word of McDonald’s skills eventually reached the highest courts when North Jersey attorney Nina Simmons became an interested buyer.

(Image courtesy Nina Simmons)

According to Philadelphia Magazine, Simmons became familiar with McDonald’s work after a relative purchased several pieces she admired.

She then visualized an art piece that depicted her friend, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, who made history by becoming the first Black woman on the Supreme Court.

According to Philadelphia Magazine, Simmons went to college and law school with Jackson and wanted to gift the portrait to mark her historic accomplishment.

McDonald was ecstatic by the offer. She told Philadelphia Magazine she initially thought Simmons just wanted a little piece of artwork depicting Jackson.

But Simmons hand-delivered the art piece to Jackson in her chambers in Washington, D.C.

(Image: Portrait of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson / Courtesy Natalie Hope McDonald)

“I knew Natalie’s style would appeal to her,” Simmons told Philadelphia Magazine after finding a place for it.

Simmons recalled to Philadelphia Magazine that Jackson was floored and felt the piece was very different from the gifts she typically receives surrounding her historic milestone.

“I had no idea the portrait was going to wind up in the chambers of the justice,” McDonald told the outlet, as she created the portrait with a Sharpie and gold paint. “I’m so honored. It’s such a huge compliment.”

While the Philly artist did not disclose the price of the portrait acquired by Simmons for Jackson, she does encourage those interested in learning more about her artwork to reach out to her directly.