Need Funding? This Pitch Competition is Looking for Black Entrepreneurs

PITCH BLACK, a pitch competition put on by MVMT50, is on a mission to help black entrepreneurs, businesses, and nonprofits in need of startup funding and mentoring. Their goal is to create a launch pad that enables early-stage entrepreneurs to expand their idea and they are currently accepting applications. Projects can range from just an idea that exists only in theory to one that is fully baked.

According to the site, on Saturday, March 9, exemplary founders and co-founders will take the stage to present their business ideas for a chance to win cash prizes and invaluable mentorship during the process.

The competition will look something like this: The contestants will take center stage to pitch their idea to an audience and panel of judges. When the watch starts, they will have 4 minutes to sell their vision and convince us why we needed to show them the money. When the watch stops, they will have 5 minutes to answer questions from the judges and the audience. At the end of the night, there will only be two contestants left standing. One winner will be selected by the judges and one winner will be selected by the audience.

African American entrepreneurs and innovators participated in the inaugural PITCH BLACK competition last year and it had great success. They received 24 applications and selected nine semi-finalists to pitch in front of judges and our audience; $10,000 was given away to the judge’s choice for best pitch and another $2,500 was given to the audience’s choice for best pitch. This year’s prizes range from $1,000 to $10,000 awards with categories that include, Supporter, Creator, Innovator, and Disruptor.

“What a magnificent event! The vibe was amazing; the room was packed with excitement for entrepreneurship and black and brown faces. Wow. You all should definitely give yourselves a hand. Thanks for the opportunity,” said Natasha Harper-Madison, a previous contestant.

MVMT50 at SXSW (Image: MVMT50)

MVMT50 is a coalition of black thought leaders committed to sustained and systematic improvement in employment diversity, cultural representation, and leadership development in the innovation, technology, and digital sectors.

For more information or to enter the competition, click here.