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Memorable Day of Champions at #GTYear20 Topped By Amazing Performance by Charlie Wilson

Black Enterprise
The final day of the 20th Annual Black Enterprise/Pepsi Golf and Tennis Challengewith an awards dinner celebrating the Challenge champions and an unforgettable stage performance...
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#GT2012: Meet The Reigning Champions of The Golf & Tennis Challenge

Mia N. Hall
A golf prodigy, Super Bowl champion, corporate league team captain, and tennis association president go to the 2011 Black Enterprise Golf and Tennis Challenge, and...

#GT2012: Golf Apparel CEO Anthony Shareef Hits The Sweet Spot

Alfred Edmond, Jr.
Engineering a plan to work full time in the industry of the sport he loved allowed Anthony Shareef to break ground as the founder and...

#GT2012: Football, Flirting and Fun Is Jersey Girl Sports’ Triple Threat

Alfred Edmond, Jr.
Angela Davis and Marcelle English, partners in Jersey Girl Sports (JGS), an Atlanta-based media and lifestyle company serving women sports enthusiasts and aspiring fans, return...
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#GT2012: Jodi Brockington Brings Her Networking Game to The Challenge

Mia N. Hall
Attending the Black Enterprise Pepsi Golf & Tennis Challenge for the eleventh time, Jodi Brockington shares why she will be bringing many “Friends of Jodi”...
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#GT2012: Raphael Saadiq Brings Old-School-Futuristic R&B to The Challenge

Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter and record producer Raphael Saadiq will bring his signature, old school-futuristic R&B sound to the 2012 Black Enterprise Pepsi Golf...