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Plies Credits Black Men’s Silence On Black Issues To Payouts From ‘The White Man’

Plies is calling out Black men's silence on issues impacting the Black community and crediting it to receiving "checks" from "the white man."

Plies is calling out Black men’s silence on issues impacting the Black community and crediting it to receiving “checks” from “the white man.”

The Florida rapper sounded off on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Monday, March 4, with a tweet that sparked a debate around Black men speaking out on the issues impacting the community as a whole. According to Plies, Black men (including his peers in the entertainment industry) are seemingly quiet on major issues due to financial alliance with white donors, and they only speak out when those financial interests no longer align.

“Most Black Men Don’t Speak On Black Issues (Publicly). Until The White Man Stop Paying Them. The Checks Have To Stop 1st B4 They Come Off Mute!!!” he wrote.

The bold statement received strong responses from Plies’ followers and fellow X users, with some agreeing and others explaining why some Black men might avoid addressing certain topics publicly.

“Well, it’s easier for Black Men to lose their job & harder for them to get a job or be hired @plies Maybe this is one of the reasons,” one user wrote.

“Don’t let social media fool you. Most people that have regular jobs don’t speak publicly about most issues,” added someone else.

Others also accused Plies himself of being guilty of this charged accusation.

“Are you talking about yourself?” one user asked.

“Would you say you’re the same? When have you talked about reparations or a Black agenda?” asked another user.

Since his 2007 rap debut with his single “Shawty,” Plies has positioned himself as a vocal advocate within hip-hop. The Fort Myers native often uses social media to express his views on topics related to politics, social justice, and the Black community.

His latest posts on X include calling out Donald Trump’s alleged meeting with X owner Elon Musk to borrow money, applauding youth football coaches for mentoring young players on money management, and supporting NFL alum Emmitt Smith for criticizing the University of Florida’s decision to eliminate DEI positions.

Other rappers and public figures like Plies use their platforms to shed light on social justice issues and topics related to the Black community. However, his latest tweet illuminates the continued lack of mobilized advocacy within the Black community and prominent Black men’s role in it.

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