‘BE THE CODE’ PODCAST: He’s Empowering Children through Play

‘BE THE CODE’ PODCAST: He’s Empowering Children through Play

“BE The Code” is Black Enterprise’s new podcast spotlighting the most influential and innovative blacks in technology, from celebrities to financiers, and how they are reshaping the industry with their unique perspectives. This podcast is hosted by Sequoia Blodgett, a millennial entrepreneur and former cast member of the 2015 ABC Family reality series Startup U. Join Blodgett as she chats with black tech game-changers, as they take us on their journeys to successes—and sometimes failures—and offer winning strategies. Because if we don’t spotlight them, who will? 



Summary: During this episode of BE The Code, we spoke with Jason Mayden, founder of Super Heroic, a company that creates children’s play and sports clothing designed to entertain, delight, and surprise every child. We discussed why he would rather create strong children than fix broken adults. Mayden is a former lead designer for Brand Jordan.

Notable Quote: “The whole premise of our company is not to necessarily turn a child’s body into a billboard but to build them up,” said Mayden. When they put our product on, they’re transforming into their most optimal versions of themselves.”


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