Poland Leaks President Obama Workout Footage [VIDEO]

Poland Leaks President Obama Workout Footage [VIDEO]

Hotel residents in Warsaw witnessed President Barack Obama doing his part to support First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, and made it go viral.

While in Poland to meet with the Petro Poroshenko, the president-elect of Ukrain, Obama got in a workout at the gym in a Marriott hotel. He worked out in plain and full view of other hotel patrons who also used the facility and, in typical next-gen fashion, photographed and filmed his routine.

The footage instantly hit YouTube and proliferated throughout the Web. As media outlets got a hold of it, many were critical about the president’s form while exercising. For any fitness nerd, this is the holy grail to witness, as it is inspiring to watch.

You can see the clip for yourself below:


The Secret Service says that President Obama was never in any danger and that no one was ever told not to take pictures or video of the president while he worked out. It was emphasized that the agents were always “in proximity” to the fit commander-in-chief, and that the leaked photos were no different than if Obama had stopped by a diner.

Obama kicked off his European tour in the Polish capital on Tuesday.

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