POWERHANDZ Inc. CEO Danyel Surrency Jones Hands Reigns To Darnell Jones, Co-Founder As Interim CEO

POWERHANDZ Inc. CEO Danyel Surrency Jones Hands Reigns To Darnell Jones, Co-Founder As Interim CEO

POWERHANDZ Inc. CEO Danyel Surrency Jones is moving on from a brand that continues to see a spectacular rise in the world of sports and fitness product technology under her leadership and transitioning the reigns to Co-Founder and former CEO, Darnell Jones, as interim CEO.

Danyel will remain Chair of Board and President of the Power To Give Foundation (501c3). The change was effective on Oct. 21, 2022.

As the only Black woman-owned global athletic training and fitness product tech platform, Danyel’s impact on what started as a great idea between two passionate inventors has grown into a global force that has not only helped countless of athletes stay at their peak but given new ways for the mainstream fitness community to stay active and achieve goals. Danyel’s signature style of leadership during her tenure at POWERHANDZ has been transformational in her relentless pursuit to demonstrate how a small company can impact a global community, through strategic partnerships and legacy work for generations.

A Lasting Legacy

“Every entrepreneur dreams of changing the world–each of you inspired me and our team to do just that. No matter the obstacle, we will continue the fight to innovate because we know our communities need us. I’m in awe of what we have done and so encouraged by what data is telling us we will do in the future,” said Danyel Surrency Jones, former chief executive officer, POWERHANDZ.

“I KNOW my next journey will build upon the last two decades of my career, specifically the last 8 years of building POWERHANDZ with no blueprint. The success we’ve enjoyed wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of so many people who believed in us and saw what we could deliver, despite our size. As an inventor, mother, wife and community activist–I now understand our greatest struggles give birth to our greatest purpose. I know the brand will continue to flourish under Darnell’s leadership and I am firmly rooted in gratitude for this journey and what’s to come.”

The year 2022 was a milestone year, which Danyel successfully led the brand through a multimillion-dollar capital injection from Vanguard Holdings Group, a global private trust in a broad spectrum of industries including sports, wealth management and real estate. In addition to the capital injection, Vanguard completed a private tender offer to purchase outstanding shares from the minority shareholders in PHI providing liquidity to the longstanding stockholders of POWERHANDZ and PHI. The Vanguard Holdings Group touches a myriad of industries and strong capital resources to not only continue to grow and develop the existing POWERHANDZ Collection and truly develop an innovative approach to sports performance technology, fitness training and athlete wealth building.

With sales in over 87 countries, POWERHANDZ has consistently expanded its industry-leading training innovation across a myriad of professional and youth sports organizations, fitness disciplines and e-commerce giants like Amazon. Continuing a global theme, the brand was a signature partner at the 2022 World Boxing Council’s 60th Anniversary convention in Acapulco Mexico. Representing another victory with a key partner in a sport with athletes like Andre Ward, Errol Spence, Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis who are a part of the POWERHANDZ community.

The Next Chapter

While Danyel has had tremendous success, she’s also worked closely with Co-Founder Darnell Jones and former CEO who will be stepping in, as interim CEO. As someone who brings a wealth of experience as an executive operator and who has been involved in over $100 million in exits in the sports and fitness technology industry; he is uniquely suited to not only continue a strong vision and strategic roadmap but also bring a wealth of knowledge to continue to accelerate the brand with key partners.

“Danyel’s legacy will be a guiding light and I am proud of what she has done as an executive in this industry. She knocked down doors that others said were permanently closed,” said Darnell Jones, interim chief executive officer, POWERHANDZ.

“This brand is my journey. I’m that kid who started on the playground and dreamed of the NBA–but I knew it took lots of training to accelerate my performance. I am deeply motivated to see people improve their performance no matter if they are LaMelo Ball, a kid playing pick-up ball at the YMCA or a mom getting back into fitness after childbirth. I know our future includes analyzing more data to create better innovation that integrates into a new lifestyle that focuses on improving physical and mental health.”

While Darnell will be overseeing the daily cadence of activity, the brand will be conducting a nationwide search for the next POWER CEO and will be seeking someone who not only possesses the business and sports acumen, but also shares the brand’s commitment to philanthropic causes. An announcement will be made upon final selection in mid 2023.