Prince Gyasi Becomes The First African Photographer To Produce Annual Pirelli Calendar

Prince Gyasi Becomes The First African Photographer To Produce Annual Pirelli Calendar

Prince Gyasi has titled his edition of the Pirelli Calendar "Timeless."

The highly anticipated annual fashion Pirelli Calendar is making history with this year’s drop. For the first time since its inception in 1964, an African photographer, Prince Gyasi, was selected to produce the edition, and his involvement will bring iconic names to the calendar pages.

In keeping with the cultural high art roots, Gyasi has taken the chance to show an intersection between pieces of diversity, fashion, and alternative beauty standards. As reported by Essence, the Ghanaian-born artist named his iteration “Timeless.”

Gyasi said, “We are not born timeless, but we become it.”

He encompassed the theme by using fantastical elements and distinctly vivid colors. Notably, this edition of the Pirelli Calendar includes singer Teyana Taylor, Idris Elba, supermodel Naomi Campbell, and actress Angela Bassett in its pages. The big names all have sections that they represent for each month, under titles like “Altruistic,” “Time Stopper,” and “Man of Honor.” Gyasi was particularly excited to work with Campbell on the calendar.

He explained, “When you look at figures like Naomi, she’s not of my generation, but she’s still an icon. This can only happen if you’re committed to your work and belief.”

Gyasi used Campbell and other subjects to turn the concept of being “timeless” upside down. Gyasi hopes to use visions of Black excellence and youthfulness to provide a new definition of “timeless.” 

“People think it’s about how long something has been here, but to me, it’s more quality and how it can stand the test of time and the obstacles that come this way. So, I just assembled a bunch of people that I really believe represented that word to me.”

Gyasi continued to explain that everyone featured in his edition of the Pirelli Calendar has “found their power, changing their destinies. This is what it means to be timeless.”

“The people who pose challenges, do not go along with what society thinks, are not influenced by age, fame or money, and develop their own talent in an authentic way.”