Protect and Profit from Your Ideas

You are a well of brilliant ideas–an overflowing well of ideas that, if implemented, could ultimately change the world. The thing about ideas, though, is that they are just that—an intangible thought living in your head that could very likely reside in the heads of others. There is one essential thing that will set your ideas apart from the others—sharing and execution.

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We know, we know, there is great fear in the sharing of ideas as–on the average playing field–sharing could equal stealing, which could ultimately render your idea null and void. But what happens when sharing leads to investment and opportunity? What happens when you share and professionals are right there eager to bring your ideas to market?

There is a way to share while protected. Founder and CEO of Blaze Mobile, Michelle Fisher, along with the Founder of Inventions A-Z, Lisa Asoclese, will be at the 2016 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit teaching how to promote your concepts and ideas all while protecting your intellectual property. These experts in the field will spill the facts on securing patents and non-disclosure agreements, as well as proven business models for developing, validating, and launching your brilliant idea.

In the meantime—here are few tips to keep in mind:

Research — Make sure this bright idea of yours isn’t new to you, but old to the marketplace. This information is an Internet search away. Be sure that what you’re planning to do hasn’t already been done and if it has been done be sure to find a different way to do it.

Leave a paper trail — Put your idea in writing. Paper trails = proof in worse case scenarios. Document discussions you have surrounding your idea. Correspond via email when necessary and log conversations if email is unavailable.

Share with those who care — Sometimes the best thing you can do is share with someone who can help. Feedback may be the one component that can help to grow and/or groom your idea. Most times those you share with will be less likely to steal and implement your idea than you’d suspect. If you use your best judgement, chances are you’ll be safe.

REGISTER NOW to learn more about protecting and profiting from your idea at the 2016 BE Entrepreneurs Summit, May 4-7, Loews Hotel Miami, Miami, Florida.

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