Protect Your Vehicle From The Elements with this Magnetic Windshield Cover

Protect Your Vehicle From The Elements with this Magnetic Windshield Cover

People around the country are in the middle of the messiest winter months for snow, sleet, ice and just about anything else Mother Nature decides is suitable to be dumped from the sky. While a coating of snow makes for beautiful scenery, removing it from a vehicle can make people think twice about their love of snow.

Although there are a few months left of winter, it’s not too late to save your vehicle from the elements. For a limited time, you can purchase the Magnetic Windshield Snow/Frost/Ice Cover for $14.99. That’s a savings of more than 70% from its original MSRP ($69.99). This special deal is apart of our Winter Preparedness Sale, which brings products ready for real-world weather to consumers for remarkable rates.

This padded protector covers the entirety of a vehicle’s windshield, wipers and both side mirrors against snow, ice and sleet. It can easily be stored in a trunk or rear seat when not used. Its universal size fits most cars, minivans or sport utility vehicles.

While this product is a time-saver in the winter, it can also be used year-round. It offers the same protection against tree sap and pesky pollen that cloaks your vehicle during the warmer months.

“This is the best investment I’ve made for my car and it was inexpensive. Had to park outside for a month during freezing & snowy/rainy weather. Could just start the car, remove this cover, shake it out, and drive into work,” writes verified 5-star reviewer Jeannie Siegling.

This cover is built to withstand the harshest of elements. Six strong magnets clamp onto your vehicle as reinforcements. They also help prevent it from being stolen or blown away. Further security is offered through flaps that can be tucked into your vehicle’s doors.

Getting into your vehicle doesn’t have to be a labor-intensive task. Rid your vehicle of unwanted snow, ice and other pesky elements with ease with this windshield cover. Purchase it today.

Prices subject to change.