‘Clout Chasing’ Public Speaker Blasts Beyonce, Rebukes Christians for Attending Beyoncé’s Concert

Michelle Williams entered the chat after her Destiny’s Child group member Beyoncé was called out by a public speaker who thinks Christians should “rebuke” those pricey Renaissance tour tickets instead of supporting Jay-Z’s and Beyoncé’s “coven.”

Tiphani Montgomery, a public speaker and published author, went viral over the weekend after she accused Beyoncé of using her fame and power “for the kingdom of darkness.”

“THERE WILL BE A SHOWDOWN!!! Baalyonce don’t even hide her worship to her many gods,” Montgomery wrote in her lengthy caption.

“The devil gave her INFLUENCE to MILLIONS and she uses her platform effectively for the kingdom of darkness.”

Montgomery, who describes herself as “a teen mom and college dropout” turned “best-selling author, international speaker, and entrepreneur who made millions from my couch with just a laptop and a dream,” quickly went viral after her rant against Black Hollywood’s favorite couple surfaced across social media.

The Shade Room reposted clips of Montgomery’s rant along with screenshots of two old tweets she sent out after attending a Beyoncé concert herself.

“Got a chance to catch the Jay-Z and Beyonce concert and it was AMAZING!” Montgomery tweeted back in 2014.

“A few gospel tunes cause we LOVE Jesus, some Beyonce hits cause we STANS for that bish and some Reggae cause we from the ROC!!!” she tweeted in 2012.

The rant came under fire on social media from users who believed Montgomery was causing more division than unity within the Black community.

“I want whomever it is that is seeking the Lord to not be put off by peoples opinions,” Tamar Braxton wrote. “The church DOES NOT SAVE YOU!! Only The Holy Ghost. The ONLY one who can judge is God himself. find YOU!! It is not of God to put your lips on others.”

“Yup. She’s the clout chaser,” added someone else. “This is why so many people are turned off by organized religion.”

Amid the backlash, Michelle Williams decided to share her take on Montgomery’s rant and asked people to “pray for entertainers” instead of judging them.

“I just wish we would pray as publicly for entertainers…As We Rebuke Them and damn their soul to Hell,” Michelle said.