Such A Vivrant Thing! Q-Tip Gets Help From Black Twitter To Locate His High School Sweetheart

Q-Tip is apparently searching for love and asked social media to help him locate the woman he connected with decades ago while still in high school.

The Grammy-winning rapper took to Twitter on Friday, June 16, to get help from social media in order to find the woman he attended a Prince concert with back in 9th grade.

“There was a girl i went to HS with.. PAMELA SWEAT we went to the PRINCE concert in 9th grade @ MSG,” he wrote.

“Pam if you’re out there id love to know u r well i think of u often 💜”

At the ripe age of 53, it’s likely been about 40 years since the Harlem native crossed paths with his old flame. But it didn’t take Twitter long to come back with an answer.

One of Q-Tip’s followers replied to his initial tweet with an updated photo of Ms. Pamela, to which the “Vivrant Thing” rapper confirmed was the right “PAM.”

Social media was on it and dug into the crates of Pam’s social media pages to find more throwback photos of Q-Tip’s high school crush.

“This Pam?,” one user asked while posting an old cheerleading photo of Pam.

“Yesssss!!!!!” Q-Tip exclaimed.

Another shared Pam’s old yearbook photo and asked if that was the woman Q-Tip was looking for, which he also confirmed.

Another user wrote that Pam hadn’t been active on Instagram in over a year but did update her Facebook profile photo a few days before Q-Tip’s tweet.

While there hasn’t been an update as to whether Q-Tip was able to reconnect with Pam or not, social media has proceeded to bombard a woman by the name of Pamela Sweat on Instagram with comments letting Aunty Pam know that Uncle Tip is looking for her.

“Hey love , did you ever reach out to Q?! He was looking for you 🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️,” one user wrote under her photo.

“Aunty go get your man,” added another.