Qualifications Millennials Seek When Hiring Fresh Talent

Qualifications Millennials Seek When Hiring Fresh Talent

Identifying what key qualifications to look for when hiring millennial employees is always a hot topic around the office. But what qualifications are millennial entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for when staffing their companies with shiny new talent?

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Generation Y connects in a more personal way than generations of the past, posting and sharing their every endeavor and passion publicly.

For most of them, transparency, passion, and creativity are more a way of life than a skill set and are also key components they’re drawn to when seeking to hire.

When BlackEnterprise.com caught up with three female power women and small business owners to talk what they look for as employers, words like passion, integrity, and creativity repeatedly popped up.

Read below and discover what top qualifications #GirlBosses Sierra Rainge, author and owner of Limitless Living LLC, serial entrepreneur Taylar Barrington of Maverick Hill, and Sylvia Kerali of Curls Understood, look for when interviewing new fresh talent to grow and nurture their businesses.

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BlackEnterprise: As a millennial, when hiring talent for your company, what type of qualifications do you seek and what is one characteristic they must have?

Rainge: Since Limitless Living LLC represents a mindset that reflects the belief in limitless possibilities, a key characteristic that all my team members must possess is self-determination. When seeking out talent for my company, individuals who cultivate creativity always intrigue me–those who are open to new and innovative ideas of what is possible are bound to spark change not only in the lives of our clients but most importantly in the world.

Barrington: When hiring for MaverickHillâ„¢ I seek talent that is authentic. I’ve worked with people who make claims about their skills and values that have not proven to be true. I don’t expect anyone to know everything because that’s not realistic or even desirable. However, I do expect you to stand for something and possess integrity.

Sylvia Kerali: I’m not at the point where I can hire full time staff but I have a wonderful editor and amazing Curly Ambassadors who write content for the site. I always love working with people who are equally as passionate about building their brand and contributing to the natural hair community.