Queen Khamyra Helps Maximize Teen Audiences, Content, And Brand Awareness for Girl Gamers

Queen Khamyra Helps Maximize Teen Audiences, Content, And Brand Awareness for Girl Gamers

Forbes 30 Under 30 lister and Girl Gamer Queen Khamyra is expanding her social empire.

As a social media star there are always a few close activities that are hidden from the public to ensure privacy. In the past, her love for gaming had been protected due to her using it as a space of wellness and healing. Gaming has been a therapeutic place for her to balance her online and in-real-life (IRL) pressures. Now, with platforms like Twitch, gamers like Queen Khamyra can merge their audiences and passions together. Twitch is an interactive live-streaming service where creators can share the things they love with a community of millions, and carve out a tight-knit corner of the internet to call their own.

This is why Queen Khamyra is launching her new Twitch channel. The programming will include segments of her interacting with her audience via gaming, product reviews, pranks, and so much more. Upcoming talent will include familiar friends and celebs who will join in on gaming competitions while answering questions teens want to know.

This 16-year-old entrepreneur believes that with support, consistency, and a safe place for young teen gamer girls like herself to strategize; there is potential for them to soar. In addition to her new channel she will be launching Queenz Gaming (QG). QG is a community initiative where its members can support and uplift each other. The collective will aid each other on the games, provide insight, share experiences, brand partnerships, and overall consistently encourage one another throughout their gamer girl journey.

“Girl gamers aren’t just players, we are true gamers. We should have the freedom to play what we want and with who we want, period” says Queen Khamyra. 

Her exceptional growth, quality content, and excellence within social media has excelled her as one to watch in 2023. While the conversation continues to build toward the solutions for inequalities within the creator community, Queen Khamyra finds it is important to also maximize industry efforts toward those consistent solutions with BIPOC creators and young girl gamers. Her brand Putta Crown On It was created to encourage her fans to value one another’s inner Queen and King. In a world where emotional reaction is directly linked to increased social engagement, it becomes easier to be consumed with negativity. Putta Crown on It is a reminder to those facing negativity and adversity to believe in themselves and soar.

As an entrepreneur and innovator Queen Khamyra is continuing her career by bringing smiles and laughs, helping others see their true King and Queen, and trailblazing change within the gamer community. Queen Khamyra plans on utilizing her love for music, gaming, fashion, acting, and overall creativity, to revolutionize and add value to the culture.