Race Forward Welcomes Cultural Architect as New Senior Vice President of Finance and Operations

Race Forward Welcomes Cultural Architect as New Senior Vice President of Finance and Operations

Black leaders are jumping over hurdles in a forward race toward racial equality.

Equity Strategist and Cultural Architect Dr. Kerry Mitchell Brown has been designated as Race Forward’s newest senior vice president of Finance and Operations. Race Forward is a leading nonprofit organization focusing on movement building for racial justice.

According to the nonprofit’s website, Race Forward “brings systemic analysis and an innovative approach to complex race issues to help people take effective action toward racial equity,” with a commitment to the organization’s core values to provide people of color the opportunities to thrive with power and purpose.

In addition to her present role as principal of Kerry Mitchell Brown (KMB), Race Forward provides that Dr. Brown’s position with the organization’s executive team requires collaborations with different teams offering strategies for operational excellence. Partnerships include the finance, technology, and human resource teams. Dr. Brown’s qualifications include her recent service on Race Forward’s Senior Team as a strategic advisor, in addition to her role directing the nonprofit‘s strategic Programmatic Assessment process.

“We are pleased to have Kerry take on this critical role for our organization,” stated Glenn Harris, president of Race Forward and publisher of Colorlines.

“Since joining Race Forward, Kerry has brought much needed strategic, transformative perspective to the organization, as we manage unprecedented growth within the organization and unprecedented backlash against the racial justice movement.”

Dr. Brown’s reputation assisting a variety of organizations that confront anti-Black racism is an extension of her substantial research focusing on racial equity, organizational development, and capacity building. 

“I approach my work by drawing on the complicated connections and complex architecture between local and national politics, racial inequalities, and the myriad of ways in which these realities manifest in organizations while accurately assessing organizational needs, key issues, and factors that influence organizations’ responsiveness to social issues affecting organizational and leadership performance,” Dr. Brown said.

“I look forward to the opportunity this role provides to bring this approach organization-wide to Race Forward.”

According to Race Forward, Dr. Brown’s accolades include a Ph.D. in Organizations and Management, in addition to an MBA and a BSBA in finance. The Gestalt OSD Certified Practitioner held multiple roles with mega companies and organizations such as Prudential Financial, Walt Disney Co., and Dartmouth College, prior to founding KMB.