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Randy Moss Partners With Chick-A-Boom To Expand Company

Randy Moss celebrated the opening of a new Chick-A-Boom drive-thru location in Philadelphia on July 29, 2023, alongside owner Brittany Tolliferreo. Moss became an investor in Tolliferreo’s business in 2023 because he felt their values aligned closely. Chick-A-Boom has been experiencing a boom due to deals with Lincoln Financial Field and the Mann Center for the Performing Arts, where it has concession locations. In addition, Tolliferreo operates food trucks in the city of Philadelphia, has deals with six Pennsylvania colleges, and recently announced a catering service and an entertainment arm of the business. 

Moss first encountered the business on Instagram, and his initial excitement over the brand has become a partnership. His investment has allowed Chick-A-Boom the opportunity to become a true franchise with plans to expand well beyond Philadelphia. In fact, one of the places they are looking to expand in is Moss’ hometown of Rand, West Virginia, with a Chick-A-Boom Sports Club. Tolliferreo is excited to work with Moss, as she tells Afrotech, “It’s amazing to go into business with a legend,” Tolliferreo explained. “Not only does Randy have an entrepreneurial spirit, but he is a man of his word and he believes in the vision.”

Their connection began shortly after Moss’ Instagram like of a post on the Chick-A-Boom account. Tolliferreo sent Moss a message a few days later explaining her vision to him, and the pair arranged to meet in Philadelphia. Tolliferreo runs the business along with her husband, Kirk Hightower, and once Moss tasted the food, he was hooked. Moss became an investor, received an equity stake in the business, and started planning how to best expand on the company’s growth. Moss would like for the franchise to expand into Charlotte, North Carolina, where the ESPN broadcaster now lives, as well as other Southern states. Moss explained his excitement to Forbes, “For me to be able to be an entrepreneur, to team up with Brittany and her husband and her team here at Chick-A-Boom has been everything that I expected it to be,” Moss remarked. “I think now it’s time for the company to really try to branch off. I want to be the first one to have me a store and I want to bring it back to my people.”

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