Rapper David Banner Talks ‘Culture & Cashflow' At Traffic, Sales And Profit Conference in Atlanta

Rapper And Social Activist David Banner Talks ‘Culture & Cashflow’ At Traffic, Sales And Profit Conference in Atlanta

Photo courtesy of TSP

Rapper and Social/Civil Activist, David Banner, stopped by TSP Live on Thursday for a special fireside chat with Traffic Sales and Profit (TSP)founder, Lamar Tyler. The conversation, which was centered around “Culture & Cashflow,” explored the ethos of the Black community and the business thereof.

As customary with his unapologetic nature, Banner discussed everything from Tulsa to mentorship to discipline and educating our own as well as his own personal business growth and the responsibility of Black people with each other.

“My business has grown, exponentially, at the rate that I was able to learn,” said Banner. “You are a slave to whatever you don’t know, or to whatever you haven’t done yourself. Part of our job, as Black people, is to educate the people who are our constituents.”

Tying into one of the TSP themes, “We are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For,” Banner shared, “Black people supporting Black people is waging war with white people just by spending your money with each other. We are a multi-trillion-dollar spending conglomerate. People don’t want you to spend with yourself. People don’t want you to love yourself. People don’t want you to network with each other. If Black people don’t see the value in themselves, how do you think they will feel about your business?”

“Somebody asked me if there was one piece of advice I would give a Black business, what would it be. I said, ‘teach a history course’… If we’re going to talk about Tulsa, we have to talk about the mistakes. They had the businesses, they had the money, but they did not have the army… the only way that you learn is through your mistakes.”

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