Real Estate Insider: ‘Housewives of D.C.’ Star Shares Her Passion

Real Estate Insider: ‘Housewives of D.C.’ Star Shares Her Passion

Stacie Scott Turner has gained fame being featured on Bravo TV’s The Real Housewives of D.C. But she’s more than just a reality TV star and Washington socialite. The Alexandria, Virginia native and Harvard MBA has a successful real estate practice with Long & Foster, after working for luxury real estate company Sothesby’s International Realty. talked with Turner on her newfound fame, how her practice has succeeded despite the economy, and her passion for a foundation that gives foster children opportunities of a lifetime.

You’ve gained prominence as one of the Real Housewives of D.C. How has this affected your life and career?

My [real estate] team has begun to receive calls from a lot of people who are moving to D.C. after watching the show. Viewers got a flavor for the city. They all of a sudden knew my name. Overall, it’s been pretty positive.

What’s [also] so cool about doing the show–and what was part of my motivation to participate–was it brought attention to my charity, Extra-Ordinary Life. It brought awareness to adoption and foster care issues … I take great pride and passion in being able to work with foster care youth. I try to provide experiences to those living in group homes and foster homes to inspire them to dream and overcome their circumstances.

You’re now working with Long & Foster after being an agent with Sotheby’s. What was the transition like from selling luxury homes to working with the new company?
I began my career in Long & Foster in 2001 and had a wonderful experience. I later decided to go to a small firm to learn the higher-end market and moved on to Sotheby’s. I learned what I needed, and now I’m back with Long & Foster.

It’s the middle range market that’s robust at this time. [At Long & Foster] it’s a large network of agents, and I wanted to form a great team.

How did you approach the challenge of selling homes in the current economic climate?
I continued advertising–even when the economy was tight– to promote myself and my clients’ homes. That allows my business to keep thriving. With others cutting back, people saw more of what my business could offer. There were less people to compete against.

What excites you about real estate?
I went from a corporate career to real estate when the D.C. market exploded. I got my real estate license and purchased my own home and got involved the renovations — just all aspects of it. I love selling, developing it, designing– I love it all!

Turner’s Tips for Industry Success:

  • Focus on establishing your business so it looks like you are experienced. Have a great Website and invest money in advertising and showcasing your skills in a specific area.
  • Team up with agents who have properties and or clients so you can get experience doing transactions.
  • Invest in marketing a specific area to gain exposure, such as your immediate neighborhood. It’s always good to establish yourself as an expert in a certain residential area, where you know the home values and benefits of living in that area.