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9 Reasons Black Women Should Attend The Women Of Power Summit

Originally Published Jan. 16, 2019

There’s something incredibly powerful about being a black woman. And with that power comes a lot of responsibility. That is why it is our priority to celebrate the very women who are often overlooked, underrepresented, and marginalized in society and corporate America.

We have put together an incredible series of events and timely conversations for the 19th annual Women of Power Summit in Las Vegas. That’s right. We’ll be working hard and playing even harder because black women deserve it! Just think about the last time you were able to take four days off work to focus on your personal and professional development with 1,200 other black women! It’s either been a while or you haven’t experienced our summit yet. Whichever answer it is, here are some reasons why you need to meet us in Vegas March 27 – 30.

 Fellowship and network with other black women

All eyes are on black women right now. And there is no better place for us to look than to one another.

 The Legacy Awards Gala

This year, we are proud to honor Thasunda Brown Duckett, President & Chief Executive Officer TIAA, Mellody Hobson Co-CEO & President Chairman of the Board of Trustees Ariel Investment Trust, and Judy A. Smith Founder & CEO Smith & Company. These are women who have paved the way in their respective industries and we cannot wait to recognize them as trailblazers.

Girls trip to Vegas

It’s time to play as hard as you work! This summit will be the only time what happens in Vegas shouldn’t stay in Vegas. We want you to turn up and take away everything the summit has to offer!

Get the tools you need to cultivate diverse allies

Following a frank exploration of unconscious biases and fears, we’ll offer specific proactive steps you can take to include those who don’t look like you as part of the solution you and your organization need to thrive. We’ll have Dr. Lauren Young, the Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer for Travelers, in attendance to share knowledge.

 Learn how to become a better negotiator – Salaries, bonuses, benefits, raises, exit packages

Whatever you’re facing, you may have more options and bargaining power than you know. Yet, even seasoned negotiators sometimes struggle when what’s on the table is their own bottom line. Tap into the strategies, tactics, and principles that will help you get what you deserve.

Add more powerful women to your tribe.

Boss women have to stick together! We know that it can be difficult to connect with others when you have a busy schedule. Most bosses have that problem! Come meet women who you can grow and level up with.

One-on-one sessions with executive career coaches

Last year, our career coaches helped women succeed across the board. Dr. Cheryl Polote-Williamson, Author & Career coach will be in attendance to provide her expertise and help all attendees level-up.

 Engage in real conversations about race and gender in the workplace

Through open, honest dialogue with experts in the field, we elevate the issues that are shaping race and gender relations within companies today and teach strategies for successfully navigating race and gender at every level of your organization.

 Meet the next generation of professional women

Real talk from this panel of bright young corporate leaders on getting noticed, being heard, and gaining a seat at the table early, then leveraging it to climb higher and bring others along with them. How have they done it and how can you?

We could give you another 17 reasons, but you’ll have to experience Women of Power for yourself. Click here to get your tickets today!