Rebelle Unveils Speak Chic Mobile App
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Rebelle Unveils Speak Chic Mobile App

Rebelle founder and co-founder of Black Founders Monique Woodard launched Speak Chic in January 2012 (Image: Rebelle)
Rebelle founder and co-founder of Black Founders Monique Woodard launched Speak Chic in January 2012 (Image: Rebelle)

Just in time for fashion’s busiest season, as designers from New York, London, Paris and Milan unveil their latest creations, tech startup Rebelle launched the newest mobile app for fashion aficionados–Speak Chic.

Speak Chic’s claim to fame is its ability to provide proper pronunciation and phonetic spellings for virtually 300 fashion brands and designer names that most people find impossible to nail on the first try. The sleek, easy-to-maneuver user interface allows fashion enthusiasts to search the hefty designer catalog from A to Z effortlessly.

“I wanted to create a fashion app that went beyond posting photos of the clothes you’re wearing or the stuff you buy,” says Rebelle founder Monique Woodard. From French mainstays like Hermés (pronounced err-Mez, per Speak Chic’s instruction) to American newcomers like Proenza Schouler, Speak Chic users get the lowdown on correct pronunciation and spelling, as well as a succinct fact sheet of the designer’s history and notable achievements.

Speak Chic helps users pronounce fashion brands (Image: Rebelle)

With the recent surge in high-fashion accessibility, aided by industry changes like flash designer sale sites and runway designer collaborations for mass consumer outlets, there’s been an increased demand among mainstream shoppers for an insider’s guide to fashion terminology. Whether you’re a fashion lover from afar or a style maven, being equipped with the proper pronunciation can make all the difference.

“I’m hoping that people will use the app to both educate themselves and interact with fashion brands in a new way,” Woodard, co-founder of Black Founders, told

Bloggers and fashion admirers braving Fashion Week for the first time may find this innovative app valuable when opening up conversations with bigwigs under the tents.

Speak Chic is available in the iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users. For $1.99 USD, app users can up their fashion knowledge–one label at a time.

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