Aaron Anderson

Restaurant Franchise Expert Shares Success Tips

Aaron Anderson has more than eight years of experience in franchise operations, sales and development with multiple restaurant service brands.

Aaron Anderson is no stranger to the restaurant world. He has more than eight years of experience in franchise operations, sales, and development with multiple restaurant service brands. Anderson previously owned five The Original Hot Dog Factory restaurants, which received national exposure from being featured on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta numerous times. He also acquired two Rita’s Italian Ice franchises in 2021 and 2022 and also owned three Chef Rube Kitchen locations, including one in Subaru Park, Philadelphia’s soccer stadium.

Anderson is also the franchisor of Brunchaholics, a Metro Philly-based brunch spot that serves up unique twists on classic brunch dishes. With three current locations (in Philadelphia; Cherry Hill, New Jersey; and Chester, Pennsylvania), and three more coming soon to Miami, Atlanta, and Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, Anderson’s emerging brunch franchise concept is taking off. Brunchaholics has been named by Eater Philly as one of the 15 essential brunch spots in Philly. Brunchaholics offers financing options to their franchisees both directly and through partnerships with financial institutions.

Anderson shared with BLACK ENTERPRISE, “I got into franchising after I sold a previous business that I built from the ground up. Once I sold it, I started to look for an essential business that could produce daily cash flow and had structure – but this time, I wasn’t interested in building from the ground up. I started doing research on restaurant franchises and decided to go in that direction. I haven’t looked back since.” 

Anderson went on to say, “I understood the challenges of creating and building a brand from scratch, and as a calculated risk, I felt like investing in a company with a proven business model would allow me to grow at a different pace, an exponential one. You are already working with a company or brand that is already recognized by the public and they have systems set in place to help you succeed, including marketing, software, and more.”

Recently, Anderson was tapped to become Co-CEO of The Market Place, the family-owned/operated North Carolina Pine Hurst-based restaurant known for its gourmet sandwiches, tasty smoothies, and iced tea spiced with cloves.

Anderson has advice for restaurant owners considering franchising their restaurant concept. “Proven business model, brand strength and differentiation, operations and systems, legal considerations, financial model and investment, support infrastructure, market research, growth strategy, adaptability and innovation, exit strategy. Also, look for a business in the lane/industry that’s flourishing. For example, breakfast/brunch concepts are thriving right now. According to the U.S. Restaurant and Brunch Trends Market Report 2023, there was nearly a 40% increase in consumers eating breakfast and brunch away from home since 2022.”

As a Certified Franchise Consultant, setting expectations for clients about investment costs, revenues, and overhead expenses is critical, and Anderson couldn’t agree more.

“For readers of BLACK ENTERPRISE considering purchasing a franchise, setting realistic expectations is crucial for navigating the franchise acquisition process successfully and ensuring long-term satisfaction with your investment. Here are things you want to consider: initial investment, due diligence, financial projections, support and training, compliance and restrictions, work involvement, market research, long-term commitment, legal and financial advice, impact on lifestyle, community and diversity initiatives.”

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