REVIEW: Samsung Audio Devices and Galaxy Tab S

REVIEW: Samsung Audio Devices and Galaxy Tab S

Image: Samsung

Samsung Level Series

Image: Samsung

Samsung’s other offering comes from its Level portfolio, which finds the company jumping into the audio game already occupied by Apple and Beats. The collection consists of three premium headphones and a Bluetooth speaker, all created to usher in a new era of portability and style while producing an impeccable sound.

The Level Over is an over-the-ear headphone designed for an immersive sound experience, while the Level On is an on-ear, wired headphone that packs a giant punch in a compact size. Lastly, for the headphones, the Level In is an in-ear, wired headphone that features a three-way speaker system that allows users to control deep bass, mid-range, and treble while maintaining the natural sound quality.

For those who aren’t into the Beats Pill, yet want to find something compact and premium – the Level Box is a speaker that streams high quality audio from any Samsung Galaxy phone or Bluetooth-compatible device. During our time with the device, we synced it to the Note 3, an Apple Desktop Computer, an iPhone 5 and, of course, the Galaxy Tab S.

When fully charged, the Level Box offered crystal-clear sound emanating directly from the speaker. The life of the soundbox was healthy and lasted for 15 hours. Beautiful to look at and durable to the touch, the Level Box is completely compact, which is great for the price point of $199. While the sound is crystal clear (you could hear the pings in The Clipse’s “Grindin'”), it is not out-of-this-world stellar.

When the Level Box was paired with the Galaxy Note 3, the speakerphone performance was well done. But across the board from the Level Box to the ear-devices, delivering audio that was on par with competition such as the Jambox is a bit lacking. All in all, these devices are still very capable in their respective manner, so long as you’re not heavily into that deep, deep bass.

To summarize, Samsung’s new line of audio devices is a decent first effort for the company. As consumers dive into the Apple Beats acquisition, Samsung’s design trumps the competition, especially clocking in at the price points that it does. Most impressive is the build quality as you’re getting a comfier experience with the headphones and a beautiful showing with the speaker box.

Our verdict is that you should cop these if Apple is not your speed and Jambox is too expensive.

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