Here are the Richest Owners in All of Sports

Here are the Richest Owners in All of Sports

Did MJ make the list?

When you hear of players getting contracts like the one that Ravens QB, Joe Flacco just received for $120 million, or the total endorsement deals of Washington Redskins’ QB, Robert Griffin III, not to mention the countless (and I do mean ‘countless’) multi-million dollar contracts that baseball players receive, you would think that the players are raking in all the money.

Not true!

Last week Forbes magazine put out their annual billionaires list, and by looking at that list it’s no surprise who the real MVPs are. While players are making millions on the field, the owners are the ones making the billions from the corner office.

According to Forbes, here’s a list of the top 10 billionaires in sports, and honestly none of these names were a surprise.

#10 — John Henry (net worth $1.5 billion)

Boston Red Sox and Liverpool FC

#9 — Jim Irsay (net worth $1.5 billion)

Indianapolis Colts

#8 — Arthur Blank (net worth $1.6 billion)

Atlanta Falcons

#7 — Robert McNair (net worth $1.8 billion)

Houston Texans

#6 — Stephen Bisciotti (net worth $1.8 billion)

Baltimore Ravens

#5 — Robert Kraft (net worth $2.3 billion)

New England Patriots

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