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Rick Ross Wants To Own The Miami Heat

Ross said that his owning the team would 'be for the city.'

Miami is known for many things, such as Miami Beach, the Heat basketball team, and other highlights that make the southern city an attraction. Another well-known attraction, rapper and entrepreneur Rick Ross, represents the town well and, in a recent podcast, expressed a desire to own an NBA franchise, the Miami Heat.

The conversation occurred on “The OGs Podcast,” hosted by two former Heat players, Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller. In the episode released on Jan. 10, the “God Forgives, I Don’t” rapper tells the former players and teammates that he would love to own the team since that’s his city.

Haslem questioned Ross on his dream to own the Heat franchise. “Big homie, what’s going on with the Heat? I know you got the money now,” Haslem asked the rapper. “When you gonna make that play?”

The man, who also uses the moniker Rick Rozay, immediately responded, “Oh, you already know I’m gonna keep it real now. I need y’all to walk me in there. Come on, we gotta get us a piece of that Miami Heat. One time for La Spoelstra Nostra.” (The head coach for the Miami Heat is Erik Spoelstra, who just signed an 8-year, $120 million contract to remain the coach.)

Ross tells Haslem and Miller that his owning the team would “be for the city.”

“Hey, big homie, that’s a dream; that’s a dream for Rozay, you know, just to see, you know, the city because it wouldn’t just be for me. It’ll be for the city.”

“You know somebody from the city; a part of the city come up and earn that, you know what I mean,” Ross said.

Hometown pride has always been something that Rozay has displayed ever since we found out that every day he’s “Hustlin.”