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Juneteenth Unity Fest Is Bringing Black Joy To Brooklyn

Originally Published June 6, 2022. 

The Robert Randolph Foundation is pleased to announce the fourth annual JUNETEENTH UNITYFEST, a national, multicultural experience uniting diverse voices and communities to commemorate and celebrate Juneteenth and Black culture. Broadcast live around the world from Brooklyn, N.Y., UNITYFEST 2024 will include multiple entertainment, arts education, and community activism events, including the JUNETEENTH UNITYFEST Concert taking place at BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! at the Lena Horne Bandshell at Prospect Park.

“Juneteenth is a day to remember America’s past, recognize the resilience and strength of Black people, and celebrate the progress we have made,” commented Robert Randolph, founder of the Robert Randolph Foundation.

UNITYFEST will celebrate the breadth and depth of Black culture and Juneteenth as a uniquely American experience while providing a platform to unite a coalition of charitable grassroots organizations.

The festivities will begin with the JUNETEENTH UNITYFEST Block Party at Under the K Bridge Park, an old-school neighborhood block party featuring DJ Spinna. Anchored by the official JUNETEENTH UNITYFEST Concert at BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! at the Lena Horne Bandshell at Prospect Park, headlined by the award-winning gospel singer and keyboardist Tye Tribbett, UNITYFEST will also feature a late-night after party at Brooklyn Bowl. Full details will be announced in the coming weeks.

“Heal America is honored to partner on the second annual JUNETEENTH UNITYFEST with the Robert Randolph Foundation,” said Branden Polk, director of Strategic Partnerships of Heal America, a movement to fight racial injustice with love and redemption.

“Last year, we witnessed this festival bring a diverse group of individuals together celebrating Black culture and educating viewers on Black history. Now is the time that we must unite and collectively bridge longstanding racial divides. As a minister and supporter of the Heal America movement, I’m inspired to work toward healing and honoring Juneteenth.”

“We’re so excited and privileged to be working with Robert and UNITYFEST for this inaugural Juneteenth event,” said Diane Eber, BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! executive producer.

“This celebration of Black artistry and resilience is central to what we do at the Bandshell all summer long. Thank you, Robert, for bringing this incredible vision to life!”

JUNETEENTH UNITYFEST is the brainchild of Grammy-nominated African American artist Robert Randolph, whose goal is to produce a multicultural experience that unites people of all backgrounds while amplifying the many narratives of the Black experience in America. Randolph, The Robert Randolph Foundation, and the JUNETEENTH UNITYFEST team also recognize the importance of bringing awareness to Juneteenth as a holiday and helping people understand its significance in American history. When the last of the country’s enslaved people were made aware of the Emancipation Proclamation on June 19, 1865, it signaled a changing tide. Today, we have the opportunity to change the tide again through this nationwide event that will serve as a reflective and celebratory catalyst to continue to drive inclusive cultures that strengthen the social fabric of America.

“While Juneteenth, the holiday, marks the symbolic end of slavery in America, our goal is for JUNETEENTH UNITYFEST to represent the accomplishments of Black people in the United States,” Randolph adds.

“Through this celebration, our mission is for Juneteenth to serve as an occasion to remember the past, acknowledge our progression and take collective action towards creating a ‘more perfect union’ for all Americans.”

JUNETEENTH UNITYFEST is made possible by phenomenal sponsors and partners, including Amazon, Levitt Foundation, and OWN. The event has also aligned itself with incredible community partners to ensure historical accuracy and authenticity, including Heal America. The full list of sponsors and partner organizations can be viewed on its website. 

For more information on JUNETEENTH UNITYFEST, presented by the Robert Randolph Foundation, visit,