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Robert F. Smith And To Help Top Underrepresented College Students Through AI

Robert Smith's internXL has teamed up with's FYI (Focus Your Ideas) to amplify the next generation of diverse tech innovators.

Robert F. Smith’s internXL has partnered with’s FYI (Focus Your Ideas) to leverage internXL’s diverse, pre-vetted talent pool of college students.

On Monday, June 10, internXL announced the joint venture that aims to offer students and recent graduates from underrepresented communities with invaluable work experiences and exposure in the AI and prompt engineering industry. Through its powerful AI-driven platform, internXL will be more effective in matching top employers with skilled entry-level candidates.

Advanced algorithms allow internXL to evaluate candidates against job requirements and ensure an ideal match for employers, reducing hiring times and fostering a more inclusive workforce. The new partnership aligns with’s commitment to empowering the next generation of innovators and tech leaders.

“Joining forces with Robert F. Smith, alongside internXL and FYI, is a dream come true, because it shows people from our communities what our future will look like with the support of purpose-driven tech,” said. “By being solution-oriented, we prepare today’s generation to be the industry-makers of tomorrow. The aim is to focus our ideas with AI to solve yesterday’s problems; the future starts today.”

InternXL’s AI-generated recommendations ensure employers cannot use single data to exclude students by considering various factors such as educational background, career aspirations, cognitive abilities, personality, and learning style. On the candidate side, the platform offers personalized support services for those who require extra assistance to meet job requirements.

With over 4,000 free courses and certifications, internXL Academy works to address any student skill gaps to combat potential biases in candidate management. The partnership is anticipated to create new opportunities for students and recent graduates, especially those from communities that traditionally lack access to such prospects.

InternXL’s collaboration with FYI connects scholars with exclusive access to innovative projects and mentorship from top experts in the field, in an effort to further accelerate their careers in technology. It also offers various initiatives and programs aimed at providing practical skills, training, and career opportunities for college students.

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