Roland Martin Reaches More Black Americans With News Than Anyone In U.S.

Roland Martin Reaches More Black Americans With News Than Anyone In U.S.

According to National Urban League President Marc Morial, Roland Martin reaches more black Americans daily than anyone else in the United States via his streaming platform #RolandMartinUnfiltered.

Martin, a veteran broadcaster and journalist, just celebrated his one year anniversary of #RolandMartinUnfiltered in October. The platform has over 100.7 million views and 435 million minutes consumed across the social networks of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

“African Americans are tired of mainstream media ignoring the many issues impacting us on a daily basis,” said Martin. “I conduct interviews with newsmakers and stream content related to criminal justice, health, politics, and other topics that are extremely important to the black community. My program fills the void left by mainstream media’s lack of resources and time to dedicate ongoing coverage of the myriad of issues facing African Americans.”

Martin was previously anchor and managing editor of NewsOne Now, a daily news television show that aired on Urban One’s TV network, TV One. The show ran for four years and at one point had expanded to two hours before the show was canceled in late 2017.

“Roland Martin is one the most important voices in black America today,” says Morial. “His insight and no-nonsense approach to bringing news and opinion to, for, and about black America is a welcome alternative to the sameness of many other journalists. His voice is respected, vital, and essential.”

According to a report by Horowitz Research, African Americans watch more television as compared to all other audiences. Almost three-quarters of black TV viewers reported that they stream some of their television content.

“Blacks watching television news reflects an older population primarily over 60 years old,” said Martin. “People who watch my show via streaming are usually between 18 and 55 years of age. We’re developing strategies to attract baby boomers and millennials to ensure everyone receives news from an explicitly African American perspective.”