Roseanne Barr Has Some Nerve Thinking Lizzo Owes Her A Thank You For Curvy Platforms

Roseanne Barr Has Some Nerve Thinking Lizzo Owes Her A Thank You For Curvy Platforms

Another day, another unprovoked mention of pop star Lizzo.

Former television star Roseanne Barr took to her Instagram to celebrate the anniversary of her Vanity Fair cover—where she is seen in black lingerie—and decided to use the moment to demand a “thank you” from the 35-year-old “About Damn Time” singer for “paving the way.”

“When is @lizzobeeating going to thank me for paving the way”, the caption read.

Many commenters took the words to mean that Barr fashions herself a pioneer for curvy women in the industry and agreed with her sentiments. While others felt her inclusion of Lizzo was simply unnecessary.

“You’re the original. When these untalented people are forgotten, you’ll be long remembered. You’re loved, and you’re gonna be bigger than ever🌹,” one user commented.

Another chimed in, “Why do you need [to be] thanked? You either wanted to do it or not. Be grateful. I love ya but this obsession with Lizzo thanking you is BS. Thank you Roseanne. Hopefully that helps!!!”

It’s the latest random mention of the singer who is often the subject of hate, especially from right-wing conservatives.

In late May, Lizzo made her Twitter account private due to the unwarranted negativity constantly hurled her way. “The amount of slander n hate I’m receiving on a daily basis is starting to confuse me,” she wrote in a since- deleted tweet. “What am I actively doing to get this influx of disrespect in my mentions? I’m just trying to come on this app & enjoy social media like everyone else.”

She continued, “Anyways I been holding my tongue cus I don’t wanna seem ungrateful but I’ve done so much cool s**t these last few weeks just for my mentions to be about how fat I am &/or use me for political discourse. Tired of this.”