Russell Wilson And Ciara Introduce R&C The Fragrance Duo

Russell Wilson and Ciara announced the launch of a new fragrance R&C The Fragrance Duo.

The Wilsons are introducing their passion for fragrance in their R&C The Fragrance Duo which marks their first collaboration of an Eau de parfum that inspires a belief that togetherness is the key to happiness.

Beginning today, Nov, 17, the fragrance will be available exclusively online at for $90 (50 ml each). A portion of all sales will benefit Ciara and Russell’s Why Not You Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to education, children’s health, and fighting poverty.

“To do life together is the greatest gift, and to be able to create our first fragrance together was a dream come true,” says Ciara and Russell in a written statement. “We are special on our own, but there is nothing more powerful and more magnetic than when we are together and that is reflected in the entire package from the bottle design to the blends inside.”

“Being able to also give back was especially important to both of us—and doing so through our Why Not You Foundation was an essential piece that adds to the meaning of launching the fragrance.”

This fragrance launch comes several weeks after the couple announced the official launch of its first-ever Why Not You Academy in the state of Washington.

The purpose of the Why Not You Academy is to serve systemically underserved students who are located just south of Seattle. The school will be providing innovative and tailored learning experiences, all while inspiring tomorrow’s leaders to lead with a why not you attitude.