Russell Wilson Proposes to Ciara Again to Ask for More Babies: ‘Just Give Me One More’

Russell Wilson Proposes to Ciara Again to Ask for More Babies: ‘Just Give Me One More’

Russell Wilson got down on one knee to repropose to his famous wife and ask for more babies.

Wilson and Ciara are already parents to Future Zahir, 7, whom Ciara shares with her rapper ex Future, daughter Sienna Princess, 4, and 19-month-old son Win Harrison. But the Seattle Seahawks player is begging his wife for more children.

On Thursday, Ciara served as a guest host on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and was joined by her NFL champion husband. Wilson got down on one knee and surprised the Grammy Award-winning singer with another proposal during the show.

Ciara was already blushing from the bouquet of roses Wilson gifted her when he teased that he would make her more nervous.

“Do you guys want me to make her more nervous?” Wilson asked as Ciara looked surprised. Getting down on one knee, Wilson asked his wife a big question.

“I have a question for you. Serious question. Can we have more babies?” he asked with a smile.

“I mean, it would be perfect. Just give me one more at least,” he added.

Ciara laughed while agreeing to the offer. “We definitely can, but we’ve got a little time before we get there,” the “Goodies” singer replied.

The singer noted how hectic her days are raising three kids but praised Wilson for when he’s in “daddy mode” because it’s “one of the sexiest things” about him, she said.

Wilson and Ciara tied the knot in 2016, one year after they first met. They were expecting their first child together a few months after exchanging their vows, Brides reports.

When it comes to raising her trio of children, Ciara says it’s not easy, but she enjoys the adventure.

“These kids are funny. Our kids are really hilarious, and obviously, the older they get, the more they think they know,” Ciara told People.

Despite baby Win being the youngest, the “Body Party” singer says he is the one “leading the charge.”

“They say the third baby kind of moves or learns the quickest because they’re trying to keep up with their siblings, and he’s on it,” Ciara said. “He’s talking really early, he’s moving, he’s a big baby, and he’s really tall, you know?”