RZA ‘Honored’ That Rihanna And A$AP Rocky Named Their Baby Boy After Him

RZA ‘Honored’ That Rihanna And A$AP Rocky Named Their Baby Boy After Him

Wu-Tang is for the “da kids.” For Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, specifically, the group’s founding member RZA was the inspiration behind the name of their first-born son. And the 54-year-old rap legend is here for it.

In a recent sit-down with CNN, RZA expressed gratitude to the superstar couple for considering him worthy of being their child’s namesake.

“It’s a great honor to know that there’s another generation that’s not even of my own household that feels the strength and the inspiration of that name,” he said. “RZA is only a name, it’s a title. So it’s an honor and I salute her and A$AP and their family. All the blessings in the world from me.”

After being mum about the name of their son, Rihanna and A$AP made the big reveal in posts celebrating his first birthday. The tradition of naming a child after a rap icon was passed down to baby RZA as his “fashion killa” father shares a name with hip-hop pioneer Rakim.

This isn’t the first time a celebrity has been inspired by the Wu-Tang God MC. Singer SZA was inspired by RZA for her stage name and rapper Smoke DZA credits him as the inspiration behind his moniker also. When asked about his relationship with the R&B singer, RZA replied, “She’s a beautiful young lady. I had a chance to meet early in her career. And I did some music with her.”

Wu-Tang continues to be one of the pioneering rap groups that has a dedicated fanbase that transcends generations. The group’s symbol can be seen splashed across apparel in some of the world’s largest retailers and its Hulu original series was one of the streamer’s most popular offerings in recent years.

No word on what Rihanna and A$AP will name their second child but we’re sure it’ll be something that lives up to the cool factor of their sibling’s.