Sabrina Elba

Sabrina Elba Boasts About The African Ingredients In Her New Skincare Line

Sabrina and Idris Elba have a new skincare line inspired by the African ingredients she used to combat acne as a teen.

Sabrina Elba has a new skincare line on the market inspired by the African ingredients her mom used to combat her acne-prone skin during adolescence.

The UN Goodwill Ambassador and entrepreneur has teamed up with her husband, Idris Elba, to introduce her new skincare brand, S’Able Labs. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the brand uses African botanicals to target skin conditions that people with melanated skin often face. Their signature African skincare, or A-Beauty line, is formulated using antioxidants like turmeric, okra, qasil, and black seed.

Among the skincare conditions S’Able Labs combats is hyperpigmentation, which Sabrina experienced during her teenage years and tried to treat with acids and products from Sephora. However, the products only made her condition worsen, forcing her mother to step in with her own natural skincare routine using the traditions of their Somali heritage. The results kept Sabrina’s skin breakout-free.

“I grew up watching [my mom] make [her] own products and face masks and DIY, everything in the kitchen,” she says. “I think that was probably, I mean for sure the influence that led me to adding these African botanicals into the [S’Able Labs] skincare range.”

Now, she’s happy to partner with her actor husband to launch a line of skincare made with African ingredients passed down from generation to generation, honoring their heritage.

“The fact that we come from East Africa and [Idris] is from West Africa and this sort of continental theme, African theme, this Pan-African theme … what I realized, and sort of become addicted to is these stories and heritage pieces around these ingredients and these customs,” Sabrina says.

The new product lines include an Okra Face Serum, a Qasil Cleanser, a Blackseed Toner, a Boabab Moisturizer, and a Qasil Exfoliating Mask. The prices range from $24 to $75.

“This has integrity behind it and an efficacy there,” Sabrina says. “And I want to show people that African ingredients are so powerful.”

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