High-End Department Store Saks Slammed For Selling $600 Gold Afro Picks As Art Pieces

Apparently, afro picks have become a new rare form of art and Saks is making sure it’s first in line to market them.

However, social media called out the high-end department store for infringing on Black culture by selling the gold picks as pieces of art.

(Images: Saks)

“Sooo let me get this straight. Saks is selling this “small Afro pick.” That’s what they are calling it on their site lol, but get this…for $300!! What the 🤬. Let me go dig in my dads old drawer real quick lol,” one Facebook user wrote.

On its website, Saks is selling one $300 gold afro pick and another one priced at $600. The designer, Afra, also makes a $180 mini hair clip shaped like an afro pick.

“Afro Pick Comb designed for the confident & traditional trendsetter: featuring a high shine plate with prestige flowing through every bristle,” the site states. “Designed exclusively for you and available while supplies last. Be bold, be known, make your mark!”


It also notes that the gold pick is a piece of art and not an actual hair pick. But many on social media couldn’t stop commenting on how much it resembles the afro picks that are easily available at your nearest beauty supply store.

“I got that right now and it was $1.00 at the dollar tree. All I have to do is spray paint it gold and I can sell it for $300.00,” one user wrote. “Well I’ll just be D##N !!!!!! Who want one?”

“You a lie! You can get them at the hair store for 3 for $5,” added someone else.

“We forever slacking on our products. They away stealing from us,” one person said.

“I did not believe you (sorry about that) and went to their site to see for myself. Still unbelievable. I can find 3-4 in my house on any given day.

Another person questioned how Saks priced the “gold plated” comb so high. The brass art piece is made in the USA.

There clearly is an audience out there willing to shell out a few hundred for gold-plated afro picks.