BE Luxury: Bravo TV Star Shares His Luxury Business Travel Tips

BE Luxury: Bravo TV Star Shares His Luxury Business Travel Tips

As a busy professional on the go, you are always on the lookout to simplify your comings and goings and travel in style. We’ve got you covered. Meet Sandhurst Miggins. He’s a dancer, model, and one of the tour guides who led a group of travelers around the world on the Bravo docu-series, Tour Group.

Sandhurst works for one of the leading U.S. international airline carriers, mainly focusing on VIP travelers. He coordinates with handlers and manages itineraries for smooth transfers to their destinations. Sandhurst shared some travel tips to help make your business travel experiences more luxurious and a breeze.

1.    Use Loyalty Programs

With everything you do, invest in the loyalty program. From hotels to airfare, credit cards to rental cars, everyone has a loyalty program, and the benefits are truly worth your patronage.

If you fly often, choose one airline that flies to various destinations from your city and continue to rack up the miles. It will pay off when you find yourself upgraded to first class on that five-hour cross-country red-eye that you do every other week. The same should be done with hotels.

If you’re a loyal guest, they will reward you. Room upgrades, extra amenities, and significant discounts on food and spa treatments are some of the benefits that hotels use to reward their most valued guests.

Search for a hotel collection with a wide range of properties around the world, and try to consistently use them when you travel so that every stay builds to a higher status. Credit cards, rental cars, and restaurants are all getting in on the loyalty action, so take advantage, and they’ll reward you for your business.

2.    Take a Small Carry-On

Only take a small carry-on on your business travels. The key word here is small. Not all carry-on luggage are the same.

Even though it may say 22” doesn’t necessarily mean it will fit on the aircraft. Avoid bags with large wheels. They add to the height of the bag, and most likely the airline will force you to check it. Avoid packing the bag to capacity in its extended state.

Some luxury brand carry-ons come with an extended flap, so you can fit more items in them. That is an immediate red flag for a boarding agent. They’re trained to look for that, and thus they’ll force you to check it.

Just remember that overhead bin space is limited and can only hold so much weight, so your overweight carry-on and your seatmate’s overweight bag might prove to be too much for the overhead bin space.

Stylish business travel is about moving quickly and efficiently. Having to wait at the baggage claim area due to a checked carry-on can significantly delay your schedule and give you a massive headache.

3.    Use Global Entry and TSA Precheck

Global Entry and TSA Precheck are musts if you travel for business often. A lot of business travelers often wait until the last minute to either pack or finalize their presentations, causing them to arrive late to the airport.

Though you may have made it just in time to check-in, going through security takes a lot longer than it used to. These services give business travelers VIP treatment and allows them to avoid the lines. Being cleared for the TSA Precheck program allows you to bypass the security long lines. With Global Entry, going through Immigration and Customs has never been easier.

4.      Don’t Flaunt Your Assets

Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are always great alternatives to carrying credit cards and cash around. One of my major travel tips, in general, is to always try to avoid pulling out your credit card in public.

The fewer chances individuals have to see the information on your card, the less likely they can steal it. I’ve heard many horror stories about ATM hustles–of people taking pictures of your card number while it’s in your hand and looking as you enter your PIN in the machine. If you can avoid pulling the card out, you’re also less likely to lose it, as well.

5.    Use the Airport Lounge

Airport lounges to me, are a necessity if you travel often for business. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference it makes. Again, not every lounge is created equal, but most provide the essentials for business: free Wi-Fi, a printer, a quiet room, some snacks, or in some cases, full meals and that and that much-needed drink after a stressful trip.

American Express offers one of the most impressive airport lounges through their Centurion Lounge (in a select few airports around the world). Their Sydney and Las Vegas locations are, to me, two of the best lounges to relax in between flights. I would definitely recommend investing in a Priority Pass which gives you access to over 900 lounges around the world.

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Photo of Sandhurst Miggins by Tommy Garcia/Bravo

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