Santa, Did I Do That?! ‘Family Matters’ Alums Gather Together Again For Holiday Film

Santa, Did I Do That?! ‘Family Matters’ Alums Gather Together Again For Holiday Film

If the Family Matters reunion wasn’t enough for fans of the 90s sitcom, enthusiasts can gear up for an official holiday movie starring fan favorites from the original cast.

Kellie Shanygne Williams and Jo Marie Payton, who played daughter and mother Laura and Harriet Winslow on the sitcom Family Matters, are reprising their roles in A Family Matters Christmas, a news release from Vision Films revealed.

The new holiday film follows three bickering siblings inside a newly blended family who cannot see eye-to-eye. Aiden is the 10-year-old science wiz who calls upon “Alternis,” the forgotten Christmas spirit, who, with a flick of the wrist, zaps the three siblings and causes them to experience life in the other’s shoes.

Now, Aiden, Emily, and Brandon have to race against time to switch themselves back before Christmas. The family film focuses on the importance of valuing family, especially during the holiday season.

The cast is a real-life family affair, with the role of “Hailey” portrayed by Kellie’s real-life daughter, Hannah Belle Jackson, and her nephew Julius Terry playing the role of “Jaxx.” Williams’ real-life parents, Peggy and Ervin Williams, also worked on the film as the honchos behind the film’s production company, Dream Merchant Media.

Williams expressed her happiness for being able to share the screen with her old TV mom again.

“Working with JoMarie again is such a pleasure, and I could not wait to rekindle the spark and warmth that millions have come to love,” she said.

Williams’ parents shared their excitement for seeing the film come to life and the joy they hope it’ll help spread this holiday season.

“When I was writing the story, I realized that the story mirrored my life, and through those life experiences, I’ve learned love, understanding, and forgiveness always win,” writer Peggy Williams said.

“I feel really good about this movie because the story is so relatable,” Executive Producer Ervin Williams said. “It is like art imitating life; this story could be about any household anywhere.”