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Sarah Jakes Roberts Helps Us Tackle Intentionality With Her New Book ‘Power Moves’

Sarah Jakes Roberts is on a mission to move us closer to our next set of "Power Moves."

Sarah Jakes Roberts, the Pastor, best-selling author, entrepreneur, and daughter to Bishop T.D. Jakes and Serita Jakes is taking us inside her newest book Power Moves.

On the heels of receiving a spot on TIME’s 100 Next list, the One Church pastor is releasing an essential guide for women from diverse backgrounds on the search for inspiration, spiritual enlightenment, motivation for both life and business endeavors, profound thought leadership, and beyond.

With themes of not letting your past define you, using compassion to lead toward determination, power moves when taking the first steps in business, and tips for enhancing your spiritual health and wellbeing, Power Moves serves as practical wisdom and spiritual counsel for the dreamers and doers moving past procrastination.

“I wanted to write this book to help people really recognize how powerful of an opponent they have in whatever their fear or anxiety that’s keeping them from stepping out and using their voice,” Jakes Roberts told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“Because I really do believe that everything we’re gonna do in the Earth is not just going to be done from a good idea or because we have the right connection. It’s going to take a real intentional power being released in the Earth.”

Jakes Roberts’ goal is to help readers set intentions, achieve goals, and experience business growth, all while enhancing our spiritual health and well-being, Jakes Roberts uses her new book to help others unleash the superpower within themselves.

“I desire to help people remove some of those powerful forces that have kept us from becoming a force and to really begin to trust their voice, trust their ideas in places where they may have once felt shut down,” she explained.

For those looking to take their “Power Moves” to the next level, Jakes Roberts has a bible study series to accompany the book and will embark on a seven-city tour beginning April 25.

Press play below to hear more about the new book, Jakes Roberts’ plans for Woman Evolve and her Hey You Live tour, and why she’s looking forward to her summer with her family in Dallas.

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